Where is the Oasis located in PubG Mobile

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If you're a fan of PUBG Mobile, then you've either heard of an oasis with guns, or once went and forgot which way to get there. In this article we will clarify the doubt of where the oasis is located in PUBG Mobile, revealing its location, how to get there and the fastest way to get there without being attacked by anyone. To find the location of the oasis you must first go to the Miramar map.

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Where is the Oasis in PubG Mobile

What is the location of the oasis in PubG Mobile

There are things that are exclusive to certain PUBG maps, and this oasis is one of them. It's only found on the Miramar map, so looking for it on Erangel is going to be kind of useless. So once you've chosen Miramar, start a game and wait for the plane to depart. Now he opens the map to find the oasis. The truth is that nowhere does it detail what it is, but we can locate it in the area above, between the copper shop and the smoked tower. 

Being more specific, you should look for a kind of puddle. That is the oasis. Once located, we can instruct you the safest way to get there before the rest of the people. The maximum distance you can glide is XNUMX meters, and this is faster than even jumping straight from the plane. So all you have to do is mark the oasis from the map and wait to locate yourself XNUMX meters from its location.

Then, jump and move the camera towards the front of your player, who should be pointing towards where you want to go. This strategy will let you arrive before the rest of the people. Always remember to hide with your weapons so that the rest of the players think that the area is empty and when they arrive, remove them. 

And that would be all for today. Now you have learned where the PUBG Mobile oasis is, apart from the safest way to get there before the rest of the players. 

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