Where is the Clash Of Clans Magic Items Store

Winning magical objects is the best feeling on the planet because you know that it will help you a lot for your municipality and your troops and even if you do not need the magical object, you can sell it and receive gems that you will use as soon as possible. want. Wherever you see it, it is full of benefits.

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Where is the Clash Of Clans Magic Items Store

Where is the Clash Of Clans Magic Items Store

But where is the store of Magic Items Clash Of Clans? finding it is simpler than you imagine.

To find out where your magic items are, how many you have and what they're worth, dYou must access the Clan Castle, right where the Treasury is also where you find the star bonuses and battle reward bonuses. There's the magic item store. You just have to go there and find the "Magic Items" button to enter your inventory.

Before they were located in the municipality, but Supercell decided to move it to the Clan Castle in XNUMX and establish the treasury there as well.

Unlike the Treasury, the magic item store does not increase in capacity as you evolve the town or castle, simply because there is a limit per magic item. If you reach the maximum tolerated capacity of a given item, you will receive an alert that will tell you that you must use a magical object to free up space and be able to save the others, and to get that space, you will have to use them or sell them to exchange them for gems.

To give you an idea of ​​how much you can save for each item:

  • Potions and shovels: five of each
  • Hammer: 1
  • Rune: 1
  • Book: 1 of each type
  • Wall rings: 25 

The only way to exceed this limit is to purchase them in the Shop. 

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