Where is the Bunker located in PubG Mobile

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When it comes to places where loot abounds and practically no one goes, the bunker is one of the locations that fit this description. This is an underground area of 鈥嬧媡he map where you can find rare weapons and equip yourself to win a game, just starting out. If you find it interesting, in the article we are going to show you where the bunker of PUBG Mobile, covering the topic of how to get there, and the safest way to fall into it, making you one of the first and you can eliminate everyone who falls with you there.

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Where is the Bunker in PubG Mobile

Where is the Bunker in PubG Mobile

The first thing you need to do to head towards the bunker is to start a match on the Erangel map. The rest of the maps also have underground areas where loot can be found. However, today we are going to show you the location of the bunker on this map. Once the game has started, mark Shelter's location on the map. If you want to fall first in the location, we now teach you a little trick. The maximum distance you can fly by planning after you jump from the plane is 1600m. 

Likewise, traveling this entire distance is the fastest way to get to a place. In truth, it's even faster than diving right on top. So all you have to do is mark Shelter on the map and when your destination is approximately one thousand six hundred meters away, jump out of the plane and go online straight there. 

Once in Shelter, now access the map to mark the area to the left of the letter S. You must go here, where you will find the PUBG Mobile bunker. While this is a bit of a tangle to get in and out of, be sure to mark the rooms you've already checked so you know where to move. 

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