Where Can I Get Gems for Clash Of Clans

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The beautiful gems of the game, it is really the shiny green currency, such as emeralds, which allows you to advance your villages and get exclusive items, they let you acquire the resources you need for your troops and buildings and even to request troops from the castle of the clan before the cooldown expires, fill upgrades and trainings, and speed up resource production. Rather, whoever has gems, has the benefit.

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Where Can I Get Gems for Clash Of Clans

Where Can I Get Gems for Clash Of Clans

But "Where Can I Get Gems For Clash Of Clans?禄 It is what you are probably going to be wondering now and fortunately, here you will know.

Complete achievements

If you have already spent the five hundred gems that you receive when you download the game or you simply want to have more, the easiest way to get them is by completing the challenges that appear in the "achievements" tab, they are really simple goals to achieve, such as removing a certain amount of obstacles.

Extract them from the gem mine

When you unlock the second village, that is, the builder's base, there you will find a gem mine where you will be able to extract maximum four.8 gems per day, does not seem much, but if you are incessant they will serve you in the same way.

remove obstacles

This measure is also not going to give you a millionaire amount of gems, but it is still a simple way to achieve them. can you perceive up to six gems with only one obstacle or sometimes you will not receive any, it all depends on fortune.

Clear the Gem Box

This box will appear to you like any of the other obstacles, with the difference that it could give you two gems when you remove it. It does not appear as often and if you leave a box for many days in your village, you will avoid another one appearing, due to the fact that you can't have more than 1 at a time.

Participate in events

The game launches different events, just by filling them you will receive a good reward, of at least two hundred and fifty gems if you do really well.

sell magic items

Those items you earn with your hard work are also a source of gems if you decide to sell them.

Be the best player of the best three clans

This is not the simplest measure to have them, but it is the one that will give you the greatest rewards. When you are one of the top two players in the top three clans, you can earn from one,000 to fifty gems if you are the first

Buy them with real money

If you don't want to spend much effort, you can spend your money to acquire them. You decide the amount of gems you want to acquire and the costs can range from 1.13USD to eleven thousand two hundred and ninety-one USD. Many players do not advise this measure because it can become somewhat addictive.

Use gem generators

Several websites have been developed to produce the amount of gems you want and send them to your user, however, few are the ones that really work, the rest only take advantage of the player's innocence to earn clicks.

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