Where are the Grenades in PubG Mobile?

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If you like to resort to the training camp of PUBG Mobile to try new ways to put the buttons on the screen or elements to play more comfortable, you may have noticed that the grenades are somewhat hidden. 

For people who don't know where grenades are found PUBG Mobile On the dressage field, this article is going to cover the placement of exactly the same, so that you can practice throwing them. To access the training field, you must first press the option where the map is changed. Here you will see the option to enter it and try new weapons at the top right. 

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Where are the Grenades in PubG Mobile Training

Where are the Grenades in PubG Mobile Training

You can first go to the car zone to get there faster. This one is advancing through the firing range to the right. Either way, you can easily get around on foot. What you are going to do now is going to go to the colored containers that can be seen in the distance on the map. If you go straight ahead, you can see that it has a part through which you can climb into a colored container. 

If you continue long, you can fall, and this is the idea. You are now going to exit the maze of containers and head up another climb. Follow the path that is naturally traced through the game, being careful not to fall. Thus, you will be able to climb through wooden boxes and metal structures. 

Try to slow down in certain parts, as the road gets a bit quite difficult and you have to take it easy. If you manage to climb onto a metal floor with certain beams supporting them, the grenade in question should be there.

Also, if you continue with parkour, you will be able to be at the top of the structure, where you will find a Ghillie suit and a chicken, which we can take as an easter egg.

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