Where are the Apex Legends Servers?

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If you are wondering where the servers are located Apex Legends, in this article we are going to give a brief review of the establishments of EA data processors, and the bases in which your information could be stored. As you may know, a server is a kind of computer in charge of processing information. This can be matches, iterations, and you can even try a server that only saves data, like your login or progress. 

And it is that in the case of Apex Legends, everything is in the cloud. There is nothing that is stored locally, apart from the data needed to run the game, of course. We don't want to download 26gb of data every time we play. 

Where are the Apex Legends Servers?

Where are the Apex Legends Servers?

Know where the servers are located Apex Legends can help you determine which one works best for you to connect to. As you may know, proximity is a factor that greatly influences when you do not have a high-power Internet. So, you must resort to connecting to the server that is closest to you to know that you will take advantage of the game to the limit, without missing any detail. 

It is true that this type of company tends to be somewhat suspicious when sharing this type of information. These are safe places where, in order to preserve the integrity of the game, one must remain somewhat anonymous. And it is that he imagines that they give the precise location of their servers. It would not be a surprise if some time later they receive a bug report, due to someone trying to damage the equipment. 

Because of this, the only thing we know about the location of the Apex Legends servers is the continent they are located on. We can assume certain things, but at the moment, EA does not release much information on the subject.

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