When does the PubG Mobile Season end?

As you may know, PUBG used to classify the time that people play in seasons. These usually last even months before ending, and are used to plan events in the game, which then attract more people to have fun. If you want to know when the season ends PUBG Mobile, stay to read this article, where we make a summary of the things lived in the present.

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When is the PubG Mobile Season Ending?

When is the PubG Mobile Season Ending?

This started on January XNUMX, XNUMX, so I should be a month old by the time you read this. The update with the Aftermath map came out on January XNUMXst, six days earlier, but the excitement of trying out the map is more for the current era. We also have a new game mode, in which the main feature is an erupting volcano. In this, there is also the option to remember teammates even after being eliminated. 

But the most surprising and exciting are the collaborative events. An example of this is the Spider Man suit, which allowed you to be this superhero for a defined time, allowing you to swing between the buildings. Unfortunately, there are not many high zones in PUBG Mobile, so the potential was not fully exploited.

Now they have planned a new one, next to Jujutsu Kaisen, a well-known Japanese caricature among the community, which is enjoyed by thousands and thousands of people daily. This could be used to move the enthusiasts who are in PUBG, as well as to attract new players. 

The end of the season is scheduled for March XNUMX, XNUMX, so there is still a little life left in the present. Try to rank Gold, Diamond, and even Conqueror, as you still have plenty of time to practice, progress your skills, and rank up in PUBG Mobile. 

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