What Weapons Are SMGs in PubG Mobile

new people from PUBG Mobile they tend to get confused when told what an SMG is. IF you are one of these people who are lost, we are going to show you what weapons are SMG in PUBG Mobile, and other weapon genres that exist in the game. In case you didn't know, PUBG categorizes its weapons. This means that, just as in real life, he separates them by types, according to their peculiarities. We will give you a case now, next to the classification system they use.

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What Weapons Are SMGs in PubG Mobile

What Weapons Are SMGs in PubG Mobile

Sniper rifles are the highest damage weapons in the entire game. In truth, one of them is capable of taking out a player with a single shot, no matter how much protection they're wearing. They march in close combat like at long range, and have quite remarkable damage. Weapons with the most functional stats in the entire game fall into this category.

There are also SMGs. IF you don't know what weapons are SMGs, you should know that they are called submachine guns. They are identified by their short range, high rate of fire and damage, apart from functionality. Here you can find weapons like UMP45, Vector, UZI and MP45 which are quite useful in the game. There are still people who prefer to play with a submachine gun than with an attack rifle.

The game also features other genres of weapons, such as shotguns and light machine guns. The first ones are short-range and go to take out opponents that you have no more than a meter away. On the other hand, the light machine guns have a rate of fire of a submachine gun with the damage of an attack rifle, which makes them quite functional. in open fights. The only drawback is its recoil.

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