What Weapon is the SMG in PubG Mobile

If you are new to PUBG Mobile, you may have noticed that there are different accessories that have a detailed description of what they are worth. If you are a bit lost, in this article we are going to show you what weapon is the sm in PUBG Mobile, apart from the different weapon genres that exist in the game. In PUBG Mobile weapons are separated by categories, and each of them determines the peculiarities of the weapon. Now we are going to give you a case, but first you should start to see it as a classification system.

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What Weapon is the SMG in PubG Mobile

What Weapon is the SMG in PubG Mobile

First there are the precision rifles. These are long-range weapons with enormous damage capacity. They are main when it comes to playing PUBG Mobile, as you can use them to hide and grab opponents. Then there are the attack rifles, which are unique for medium-range combat and have medium damage. In each and every one of the games you must focus on achieving one, since they are the most complete weapons in the game.

Now we have the SMGs, or submachine guns, which are light weapons with enormous movement and damage capacity, but a low range. They are identified by having a high cadence and being quite active. Within this category you can locate the vector, the UMP45, the UZI and MP45. They are weapons that, strategically, work quite well, and that you should consider using in games. 

There are also shotguns, light machine guns, unique weapons, pistols, explosives, and melee items. Light machine guns are a kind of attack rifle, with the rate of a submachine gun and a little more damage. The only drawback is that they are difficult to achieve. 

Guns are the secondary weapons in the game, which few people really focus on. However, they can be used as a defense procedure when the game starts. 

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