What the Montapuerco Says When He Screams

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If you are one of those who is strongly attracted by the montapuercos letter and you want to know everything about it, you came to the right place! Since, we have prepared a complete article on the qualities, benefits and essential data of the montapuercos in Clash Royale. Also, we will mention his quirks in battle and what he claims when deployed.

You have to take into consideration that the hog rider is a really valuable card and you must know how to use it so that you can enjoy its benefits. That's why pay attention so that you become the best in the arena! Now let's talk about what does the montapuercos say when he screams. Let's go!

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What the Montapuerco Says When He Screams

What does the montapuerco say when he screams?

In Clash Royale when this essential and great card is presented, shout -Hog Rider- What does montapuercos mean in English? In addition to this, said term refers to the Clash of Clans commercial where it appeared.

What is the montapuercos in Clash Royale?

  • It is a unit of singular strangeness that has the ability of fast melee combat. Its primary function is attack the structures and jump the river.
  • The montapuercos belongs to the set of seven land cards that can cross the river. Those that accompany it are: The Ram Rider, Royal Hogs, Delinquent, Mega Knight, Royal Specter, and the Warrior Healer.
  • It has an attack speed of 1,6 seconds
  • It has a very high speed in general.
  • It takes just 1 second to deploy in battle.
  • Its scope is Melee (Medium).
  • When attacking, its primary objective is tear down structures.
  • Its cost is 4 elixir.
  • It is a letter of singular strangeness.
  • It belongs to the troop.
  • Arena: Duende Stadium, which is arena 1.

How can we see the ride pigs It is an absolutely complete and very useful card, so we invite you to use it properly in order to take advantage of its important benefits correctly. Take advantage and enjoy!

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