What's Happening with Apex Legends

If you ask yourself that question, you will have felt how bad the servers are currently in the game. Quite a few people, just like , have been wondering what's up with Apex Legends, and we'll tell you in the article. Apex Legends is a Battle Royale type Shooter in which the possibilities are endless. It is an online game that brings together a hundred people on different maps full of weapons, in order to suppress each other.

The premise is quite simple, and the game is intuitive, but in the area of ​​engineering and development of the project, the truth is that we have certain mishaps. What you see every time you play represents whole months of work, to get the game afloat. 

And it is that starting a server from scratch is a huge job, in which the results can be either very good or very bad. In the case of Apex Legends, they were very bad. Imagine millions of players without being able to enjoy the entertainment it provides.

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What's Happening with Apex Legends

What about Apex Legends?

What happens is that sometimes certain failures occur, which are quite difficult to notice when we talk about systems. The servers of Apex Legends they store information, but in certain cases this whole process can be damaged, due to component failures or poor configuration. In such a case, what happened was the first case, a component failure that is complicating the gameplay somewhat, even for people with fast internet connections. But don't worry, the engineers have already got to work and have detected the inconvenience, so soon we will see a revamped game with high performance, in which regardless of the connection you have, you will be able to enjoy From anywhere. 

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