What Processor Do You Need to Play Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a shooter that you should definitely try. It is one of the most entertaining games that have come out recently, and it has the ability to hook you little by little. Today we are going to show you what processor is needed to play Apex Legends Mobile. Although it is one of the most played Battle Royale on the planet, created so that little by little more people can play it, its requirements are typical of medium-quality computers. 

This means that if you have four GB of RAM, we have bad news, because you will not be able to download it. However, the game is still attainable for most gaming lovers. 

To play Apex Legends, you need a processor of at least 3,8GHz. It can be an i3 or an i5, but we invite you to choose Ryzen. Not for anything special, but rather because they have higher performance, and this can be seen in most games. 

What Processor Do You Need to Play Apex Legends

What Processor Do You Need to Play Apex Legends

You will also need six GB of RAM. The game runs enough scripts at a time to say that it needs that much memory. But with this capacity you will be somewhat limited, being forced to close each and every one of the background applications, because the slightest change in the intensity of your computer will lower the fps. 

On the other hand, the official site states that you will need at least two GB of storage, but the game weighs two. So that your PC is not empty, it is better to raise this value to sixty. Another section that we can mention to you are the recommended requirements. Without a doubt, an i5 processor with 3,8GHz, or its equivalent, the Ryzen 3400 3,7G, with a base frequency of 2GHz and a maximum of XNUMX. 

This selection will let you run the game at medium quality, without any drop in fps. So now you only have to make the decision to acquire and build your PC. 

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