What is the Shooting Animation in PubG Mobile

If you look at the settings in PUBG Mobile, in the sensitivity panel you will be able to see an alternative shot animation, where you can adjust your sensitivity and which just so happens to have exactly the same settings as the normal sight. Perhaps it is one more type of sensitivity for another view? Or is it simply something absolutely useless and that surely we will not use? In this guide we are going to show you what is the shooting animation n PUBG Mobile and how to take advantage of this mechanic to enjoy it to the limit.

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What is the Shooting Animation in PubG Mobile

What is the Shooting Animation in PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a game where strategy is a big part of the gaming experience. However, this is not everything. Although the purpose of the game is that strategy is always and in all circumstances the most essential, it does not rule out that there must be an optimized shooting and aiming system. It is precisely for this reason that in each and every update they try to progress the game system, including more buttons or mechanics that allow a satisfactory game. 

PUBG Mobile's shooting animation is a case of this. This is an alternative that was introduced to the game after protests from multiple users who wanted to be able to monitor how they control their shots. If you are wondering what is the firing animation in PUBG Mobile, you should know that it is a mechanism whose purpose is to regulate the way in which you control the recoil of weapons. 

This means that once you fire and start panning the weapon to reduce recoil, and it returns to its starting position, it doesn't apply the exact same original sensitivity you set, but rather the one set in the fire animation of PUBG Mobile.

This allows you to monitor the recoil of your weapons more accurately than if you were doing it with the normal sensitivity you're used to. For this reason, it is always and at all times recommended that this be potentially greater than that previously mentioned. 

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