What is the PubG Mobile OBB Folder called?

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An OBB file is a type of file that contains the data of games downloaded from the Google Play Store. Thus, each and every one of the maps, configurations, skins and accessories are contained in this folder, apart from other resources that assist programming. If you wonder what the name of the OBB folder of PubG Mobile, here we will answer it.

To access these files you need to have a mobile phone with integrated Android, since this will facilitate the process with a file manager. The initial step that you must carry out is to download an application that obtains the files in APK format from the Google Play Store.

This is the best way, because it is not necessary to download from anywhere on the Internet that could be potentially harmful to the mobile. In addition to this, everyone has the option to download the APK next to an OBB folder.

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What is the name of the OBB Folder in PubG Mobile?

How to Locate Carpetita OBB PubG Mobile

Then, the only thing you need is to search for one of these applications, copy the link where the game is hosted in the Google Play Store and enter it in the application. Next, you will be asked what to download. You need to choose both, both the game and the PUBG Mobile OBB files. 

You can also download the game from the Google Play Store, which has a potentially faster download engine than a standalone app. 

In short, knowing what form the PUBG Mobile OBB folder not accurate. With a good APK downloader that works in conjunction with the Google Play Store, these can be achieved easily and without having to access any kind of trick.

The last thing you need is to access them, determine what each of them represents, and select the factors to edit. Then, the process would be finished and you would not need any other action to fix bugs in the game.

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