What is the Pet for in PubG Mobile

In current shooting games, companions have been created so that they can follow us throughout the Battle Royale, in this case we will talk about pets, an aesthetic design that will help you look better in the game. In this article, we are going to explain in detail how it is useful to have a pet in PUBG Mobile, and how we can locate it. 

In competitive games like Free Fire, pets are of the utmost importance, since each one of them has a unique ability that will help us when we are on the battlefield. At the beginning you will be able to count on a cat or a dog, which are the only pets that do not have any kind of ability, but then you can expand your inventory of pets and get birds, penguins and other animals that will be very useful. utility at the time of battle.

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What is the Pet for in PubG Mobile

What is the Pet for in PubG Mobile

In PubG Mobile having a pet is something very innovative, for the moment only an eagle has been incorporated as a pet, which serves only as an aesthetic detail so that your character can be accompanied during his great survival on any map. When you have the eagle, this pet will serve you so that it can accompany you from the moment you fall from the plane to the route of your game, having certain actions when you kill an opponent, or when you fall into a dangerous city in the Map. 

It is possible that the independent company Tencent Games over time will add other pets with some kind of ability as it was done in Free Fire, but for the moment it only remains to be patient and wait for each of the innovations that this game He is asking us. 

In order to have the eagle, we must unlock a pet box, which you can have by buying it by investing real money, or earning it in the Premium boxes after collecting silver fragments in PubG Mobile.

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