What is the Painting for in PubG Mobile

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The paintings in the PUBG Mobile They help us to get weapon skins, they are an essential part of the game so that you can look better aesthetically as a guerrilla. The paints are the different camouflages that are free according to the weapon to which we will put a skin, we can use old paints from other PubG games that must do with war camouflages, as well as we can use updated colors such as police camouflages, all depending on your preference in the game. 

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What is the Painting for in PubG Mobile

What is the Painting for in PubG Mobile

The game will let you achieve weapon paints or skins in multiple ways, far beyond having to invest real money to acquire them, which is the most common procedure used by the entire community of players in PubG Mobile. Tencent Games, which is the company that develops all kinds of benefits and events for this shooter, will let you get skins, paints and different aspects in the game achieving a flurry of games won, participating in the exclusive events of the time, or turning roulette wheels to be able to see if you are lucky enough to find a weapon skin. Certain weapon skins may have multiple selection paints, while others may only have a single paint. 

If you collect the silver fragments in your Battle Royale games, you can get traditional or Premium box weapons that will let you earn many amazing rewards, in such a case, you will also be able to get paints to alter your weapon skins. 

Through codes that are raffled by content authors to be able to call more users from the community to visit their stream pages, you may be lucky enough to find yourself with a reputable skin that will make you look really good, some Sometimes, they also raffle exclusive paintings that in general can only be used by these influencers. 

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