What is the Clash Of Clans Universal Book for?

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They say that a book will always and in all circumstances be a valuable object, in real life and in games, of course. It seems that the developers of Supercell also thought so when creating the books as magical objects and now there are millions of players who dream of having these books in their possession.

The Universal book is one of the most coveted by users, since it exceeds the power of any other book that has been known so far. We will see what the Universal Book is worth Clash Of Clans particularly.

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What is the Clash Of Clans Universal Book for?

What are books in Clash Of Clans?

As we have mentioned, these make a part of the two magic items that you can have in Clash of Clans. Books store knowledge and are a huge boon to your troops, builders, and much more. In our days, we know the book of fighting, construction, spells, heroes and the renowned universal book.

What is the Clash Of Clans Universal Book for?

all book they serve to fill the improvements that are already in process. That is, it is only when you have already spent the resources to activate an upgrade that you can use them. But this universal book stands out because it can skip any timer regardless of the village you are in, while the rest of the books are limited to prospering each specialty to which they correspond.

Although it works for the Primordial Village and Builder Village, we suggest using it for the Primordial Village where longer upgrade times are required.

How to achieve the universal book in Clash Of Clans?

Since it is such a unique book, you won't get this one at the Merchant y You will only be able to have one of this kind in your possession, until you do not use it you will not be able to have another one saved. It only appears in the clan games and to be frank, it is not very common for this to happen, so we invite you that if you are lucky enough to achieve it, you should save it for something really worthwhile and of course, use it as soon You have started the upgrade.

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