What is the Builder's Hammer for in Clash of Clans

Who doesn't like magic items in the game? the simplest and fastest way to achieve what you want in your village without the effort or having to wait for long waiting times. One of our favorites are hammers, but today in particular, we will see what the Builder's Hammer is worth in Clash Of Clans.

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What is the Builder's Hammer for in Clash of Clans

What are hammers in Clash of Clans?

Before talking particularly about the builder's hammer, you should know that it is not the only one. In truth, this magic item that appeared until the update of October XNUMX, has four different types: a hammer of fighting, construction, spells and heroes.

Its appearance is everything you would expect from a simple hammer, it is made with a wooden base and a strong tip of what appears to be metal. At this point, you will see an icon. In the case of the builder's hammer, you will see a small house as an icon.

What is the Builder's Hammer for in Clash of Clans

In a nutshell, this hammer it serves so that you immediately improve any building in either of the two villages, without spending your resources, which is great when you know you're going to be in an attack soon, or when you don't have enough resources to do so. But to get this upgrade, you will need to have a free constructor if you want it to take effect.

How to get hammers in Clash of Clans?

Unlike other magical items that are earned as rewards or purchased with real money, hammers can only be purchased in the League store with Medals, Earned as a reward from Clan War Leagues.

That is, if you want to have these hammers, you will have to join a clan and participate in the war leagues to get medals and get into the store. The good news is that even if you don't make a play throughout the league, you'll still have a chance to earn rewards.

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