What is the Book of Heroes for in Clash of Clans

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The heroes are the favorites of the players and why not, if they are immortal and the most powerful of Clash of Clans for the fights with the rest of the villages. Accessing them is not as simple as it seems and neither is having their faithful companions, the animals of the heroes, more fortunately, we have the books. Do you want to know what the Book of Heroes is worth in Clash Of Clans? First, it is essential that we talk about them. 

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What is the Book of Heroes for in Clash of Clans

Why should you have heroes in Clash of Clans?

Heroes have unique abilities and can be your best card to win battles. Each hero has their ability and it will be up to the player to select them really well and know how to use them in their strategies:

  • Barbarian King: The first hero you can unlock has the ability called "Iron Fist" which heals him and gives him a damage and speed increase.
  • Archer Queen: With the 芦Royal Mantle禄 you can turn invisible against opponents over time and increase your damage, it also allows you to summon up to one archers.
  • Great Sentinel: has two abilities, one is 芦life aura禄 so that he and his troop receive healing and the other is 芦eternal book禄 that makes them immune over time.
  • Royal Fighter: With his 芦Search Shield禄 he recovers his health and will launch an attack shield against 4 targets, causing serious damage regardless of the distance.
  • War Machine: The hero of the builder's base has the skill of the "Electric hammer" to regenerate his health and charge his hammer with electricity for increased damage.

How to have heroes in Clash of Clans?

Each hero is unlocked at different township levels and you will need to pay a cost for them in the shop with dark elixir.

  • Barbarian King: you need to be at level seven and pay five,000 Dark Elixir.
  • Archer Queen: Reach level nine and pay one,000 Dark Elixir.
  • Great Sentinel: being at level one you will be able to have it for two,000.000 Elixir.
  • Royal Fighter: Accurate level one with one hundred and twenty Dark Elixir.
  • War Machine: at level five of the builder's workshop, you will be able to unlock it by paying nine hundred elixir.

What is the Book of Heroes for in Clash of Clans

As you may know, books are magical objects that allow you to advance faster in the game. In the case of the book of heroes, this will let you instantly fill any upgrades on a hero and likewise of their animals, in any one of the two villages. It is essential that you know that in order for it to work, an upgrade must already be active.

Thus, not only will you not have to wait the entire estimated time for the improvement, but you will be ready immediately for a new attack, being more powerful than before.

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