What is the Best Ping to Play Apex Legends

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Knowing the ping is one of the most important things when playing online games. It lets you not only measure the quality of your Internet, but also assess the performance of your computer. Read in this guide what is the best ping to play Apex Legends. First, be aware of what ping means. This is a delay in sending and receiving data between the server and . In case you didn't know, the games are saved on servers, which are in charge of processing all the information and sending it to the devices. 

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What is the Best Ping to Play Apex Legends

What is the Best Ping to Play Apex Legends

If all this sounds confusing to you, stop worrying. When you make a move in Apex Legends, your console or PC sends it to the server. Then, this server updates the battlefield and sends the information to each and every one of the members of the party. The same goes for each and every player. So, you have a computer processing the movements of a hundred players at a time, and sending this information to a hundred different places. The ping is the time it takes for that update to arrive from the server to the PC.

And this not only works for Apex, but also for mobile games, such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. This means that what you are going to learn now can be applied in the rest of the games you have free. 

The best ping for playing Apex Legends, and typically anything at all, is 10ms. Although this value can rise to thirty, since not each and every one of the services can reach it. It is a time in which the information arrives practically immediately, and that helps to ensure that there is no kind of failure, such as teleportation or strange movements. 

Of course, the value of thirty is admissible, even fifty. You can play comfortably with a ping of between fifty and seventy, but if this value goes up to one hundred, then you will face certain problems in playing your game online. 

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