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PUBG Mobile is a mobile re-release of the successful PC game PubG Mobile, which offered a completely realistic action-packed planet. His proposal was easy, more innovative, and he would end up creating what is now the default genre of shooters, Battle Royale.

Brendan Greene, its author, studied precious arts in Ireland, which is the country in which he was born. However, due to inconveniences in the locality, he never had an opportunity in this field. Next, he studies graphic design and web development, where he learns the basics of programming that would take him years later to create the Battle Royale code. 

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PubG Mobile Author Name

PubG Mobile Author Name

10 years after this, in the XNUMXs, the author of PUBG Mobile begins to direct a musical investigation with a friend of his. She then moves to Brazil, a country where she falls in love, gets married and after two years, separates. It is then that she begins the path of Brendan Greene as the author of the first Battle Royale of all. 

He comments that he played a lot of Call Of Duty back then, developing a kind of addiction. That's when he discovers a battle simulator called ARMA two, with a post-apocalyptic blog setting. At this point he had already been touched by the end of death as an unchanging state, in contrast to the games he had played, in which it was possible to respawn.

At the end of history and the beginning of creation PUBG Mobile It is the stage of his life in which the basic knowledge of programming led him to develop what is essentially the game that we know today. 

Currently the game is based on something that the author wanted to happen. And it is not a game in which whoever moves faster wins. It is more of a game of strategy and resolution in which mismanagement can lead to permanent death.

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