What is Popularity for in PubG Mobile

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The popularity in PubG Mobile helps us to be more recognized by the community of players in the area to which you belong. You need to be a high-level player with a good number of merit points in order to be recognized by other players. Popularity in this shooter is fundamental and can be classified by means of points, which will be located in the social menu of the game. 

Most of the players who are hugely popular in the PUBG Mobile it is due to the fact that they have a very wide list of friends, everyone wants to play with them because they are great guerrillas and above all good companions of all those who are of a somewhat lower rank with them, essentially it is a homonym of humility towards others players. You must bear in mind that popularity is not won overnight, it requires a lot of work, practice this shooter for a good number of hours, and win the hearts of each one of your friends. 

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What is Popularity for in PubG Mobile

What is Popularity for in PubG Mobile

It is possible that you can also earn popularity points when you make a gift to anyone on your friends list, donating benefits always and in all circumstances will help you increase your reputation, you must always have it present, because the game allows you to have repeated objects that in the end you will not use, and it is preferable that you can donate it to another player who really needs it to prosper his account and advance as a guerrilla, do everything necessary so that each and every one of players can increase their level in the same way as . 

You can also grant popularity points to colleagues who send you gifts, try to be a supportive player, good with your team and do not make offenses or have any toxic behavior, in order to be recognized as a popular player in PubG Mobile.

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