What is Merit for in PubG Mobile

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It is essential to have good behavior in any game, to be able in some way or another to earn achievements for being a good player. In PubG Mobile This is not the exception, our good game will allow us to get merit points as a reward that will help us to be classified as players without toxic behavior. In this article, we are going to explain to you what merit is worth in PUBG Mobile

Merit points pretty much consist of a scale for this shooter where we match players who have had exactly the same behavior as your face the teams they have had. The goal of merit points is to put a wall between players with toxic behavior and those who are truly dedicated to playing respectfully and fighting for their goals in the game. Each and every one of the PubG Mobile players have one hundred points of merit from the start in the shooter, which will go down or up according to our behavior in the games as a whole. 

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What is Merit for in PubG Mobile

What is Merit for in PubG Mobile

Merit is essentially about being able to find better matchups together than other players, giving you the huge advantage of being able to have amazing teammates that are sure to help lead you on the road to victory. You must take into consideration the relevance of merit from low and high ranks, because this will help you climb or stay in the positions of the classification where you are. There are many ways that you can lose your merit points, to serve as an example, offending colleagues, each lack of respect will make you lose two merit points, which can increase from thirty to sixty points if the you use many times, so you must be very careful and focus on the game. 

Focus on playing well, not going afk in any games, and not replying to toxic comments so that your merit points stay intact. 

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