What is Keira's Nickname in Rise of Kingdoms?

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Rise of Kingdoms is a management game in which your ability to manage resources, expand your borders and draw strategies will define whether you win or not. Keira is a general from the kingdom of Ceroli. On this website we will tell you what his nickname is in this game that he is so in trend and we will offer you the precise information so that you know him right now. 

Keira can be obtained for free after the Ceroli Crisis, an event where you can exchange prizes for her statues. If you want to know what his nickname is, for whatever reason, stay to read this article.

His least weird power is six hundred points, and it's still one of the most epic. If you are looking for characters to get in the game, this girl will undoubtedly be quite useful to you. Her nickname is “The Red Chameleon”.

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What is Keira's Nickname in Rise of Kingdoms

What is Keira's Nickname in Rise of Kingdoms

The talents that she has are quite common, but her specialty is that she masters them with perfection, which makes her a character that you must do if you play Rise of Kingdoms. She is an archer, with peacekeeping talent and skill. On the other hand, her unique abilities are what we will mention to you now. 

Wrath, which is a kind of shotgun that deals damage to three opponents in front of it. The tongue of fire dance can also be quite useful. Allies or opponents, which is one of the most broken skills in the game, due to the fact that the opponents led by it will cause more damage. 

On the other hand, he is able to master the Ceroli Sharpshooter, with which the archers he leads attack and defend better. In general, most of her abilities increase the damage or defense of the troops that are related to her. Mutinous gives troops he commands a one percent chance to deal more damage. Finally, Undying Flame deals direct damage to three targets in a specific area. 

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