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If you have seen the KD indicator on your profile or have ever been asked about it, you may not know what it is. Also when we see content authors talking in their videos, they lie about it from time to time. In this article we will tell you what KD is in Apex Legends. It is a fairly simple term and one that some people do not understand. Apex Legends KD is the ratio of the number of matches you've played to the number of players you've eliminated. 

Otherwise, it's the average number of kills you make in a life, and it determines up to a certain level how good of a player you are. As a practical matter, if you eliminate three people in a game and win without getting eliminated, your KD in that game is going to be three. This value is then measured across your games and an average is calculated. If this is less than one then it means that you are eliminated more times than you do. Some are going to be able to call you one-armed whatever for this, but there is nothing wrong with it. 

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What is KD in Apex Legends

What is KD in Apex Legends and how to upload it

Raising your KD in Apex Legends is considerably more difficult than doing it in other games, due to the total non-existence of bots, in contrast to the rest of Battle Royale. This is precisely why you will have to sweat a lot if you want to increase the elimination meter. But the strategy is quite simple. It is a matter of practicing until you become a good player in each and every one of the side by side. You can also try being a country person. It will be a somewhat dirty and tiresome strategy, but at least you will be able to increase little by little. 

In the end, it's all about enjoying the game without any strings attached. Apex Legends it is made to entertain people, but those who take it as a competitive game tend to try to improve their statistics under any and all conditions. 

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