What is Gold for in PubG Mobile

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Gold is a very iconic currency in the PubG Mobile, in such a case it is famous as Battle Points (Bp) or in PubG Mobile Lite as L-coin (Lc). These are represented in gold plated coins, which have multiple functions during your adventure in the game. In this article, we are going to explain in detail how this desired gold is used in PUBG Mobile

Battle Points are the gold that we collect as we play many games in this magnificent premium shooter. These coins are of the utmost importance in the game because they are used to acquire materials and resources in the store. Despite the fact that it is a currency that does not have a Premium weight in PubG Mobile, with it you can achieve fundamental skins of the time, as well as images and logos for your profile that will make you look like a better guerrilla.

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What is Gold for in PubG Mobile

What is gold for in PubG Mobile?

Also, Battle Points coins are the exclusive gold resource in the PubG Mobile, they will let us have purchases in the store constantly, since it is a benefit that we can earn according to the number of games we play. In order to have them, it is essential that you dedicate time to the game, since with the Battle Points you will be able to make many purchases that you needed to prosper your character. 

You have to take into consideration that Battle Points are the currencies that are used to create a clan. In PubG Mobile, you must have at least fifty Battle Points to be able to create your guild, which will allow you to progress as a player and ascend to the level of leader, where each of the members of the clan must respect the name of the same and their goals. Join PubG Mobile and try to win as many gold coins as possible. 

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