What is CVA in Apex Legends

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If you are trying to change the sensitivity in Apex Legends and you get a message saying that you cannot because you have CVA activated, then what you are going to read now will solve all your problems. Here we are going to show you what CVA is in Apex Legends, and how to disable it. CVA is a fairly simple term, created for those who are a bit fussy about controls and want something XNUMX% tailored. These are the advanced view controls, which not only let you change the sensitivity to a specific value, but have many other functions. 

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What is CVA in Apex Legends

What is CVA in Apex Legends

If the inconvenience that we mentioned at the beginning appears, here we are going to show you that the solution is quite simple. It is a matter of pressing a single button, but that is hidden in our days. And it's not like EA wants it to happen that way. The graphics have simply been changed and certain options have been affected, especially this one that we are looking for. 

If you want to deactivate the CVA, we will show you where the option is. From what it seems, there is a drawback in the menus, which do not show the options they have at all, but to a point they stop allowing scrolling. 

You will have to access the configuration and go to the section where the inverted sight and vibration are found. So, with the control over the rumble setting, you're going to move the selection point a little bit at a time until a little area below it lights up. This is the CVA configuration, which as you can see, is somewhat hidden, but it is. 

This is an issue that the developers are currently working on, as it has hurt countless players. In future updates, the configuration section will be improved and this error will not appear again on consoles. 

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