What is Assisted Look for in PubG Mobile

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When you are a beginner player on any platform, you need to play with some kind of help so that you can adapt to the game in the best way. This kind of basic aspects is necessary that you use it in the shooter, because we need multiple practice games to be able to progress our skills. In such a case, we are going to explain to you what the assisted sight is for, and because it is so essential in the first instances of the game. 

The assisted sight helps us to progress our aim in the PUBG Mobile, is extremely essential because with it we will be able to get used to the involuntary movement that each and every one of the weapons makes. It is possible that we will find ourselves in different situations playing a game of Battle Royale and it is necessary to master short, medium and long distance weapons, so the assisted sight will help us take that kind of advantage until the moment we can supervise it manually. 

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What is Assisted Look for in PubG Mobile

What is Assisted Look for in PubG Mobile

It is essential that you also use the gyroscope when you already learn to master your sight, this is a need for players who are more advanced or in high ranks of PubG Mobile, this will help us to aim using the movement of our mobile device for the view of the play. Agility and being fast in any shooting game will give us a few seconds advantage against the opponent, which is essential to survive in Battle Royale, remember to use the assisted sight with a lot of strategy, so that the rest of the users do not They think you're using a hack like the aimbot. 

To be able to put the assisted sight we must go to the main lobby of the game, and go to the configuration, we will make the respective adjustments in the basic submenu and we will enable the assisted sight, the one that helps us when we shoot with the general sight or with a sight of increase x2, x4, among many others.

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