What is Antialiasing in PubG Mobile

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If you have seen the interface configurations in the graphics of PUBG Mobile, then you may have seen the anti-aliasing option. In this little game guide we are going to show you what antialiasing is, what it is for and how you can use it to improve your gaming experience. It is a setting that can be activated from the graphics options in the game. It is certainly one thing that you should keep in mind to have a realistic gaming experience.

As we all know, what current games are trying to do is progress little by little. However, due to accessibility and costs, it is possible that for certain users it is quite difficult to access technologies that allow running PUBG Mobile with advanced graphics.

This means that the industry must adapt to its public. Even if the methods exist to develop a fully realistic game with the most advanced graphics on the planet, it could not go on the market. PUBG Mobile's audience is identified as having low to mid-range mobiles, naturally, on average.

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What is Antialiasing in PubG Mobile

What is Antialiasing in PubG Mobile

This is why the game allows you to customize its graphics, for mobiles with lower performance than the common one, with options such as PUBG Mobile's antialiasing, which allows you to soften the graphics so that they look more real. This can lower your frame rate a bit, so only activate it when you have a phone that you trust to run the game.

Remember that in addition to this you can configure the shadows, which are another aspect that can make the game more realistic. As we have said before, do not activate these options unless you have a mobile with medium requirements.

Finally, remember that not activating these options does not mean anything. In any and every way you can enjoy the game that we all enjoy, with a quality that was conceived even by the developers.

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