What Internet Speed 鈥嬧婦o I Need to Play PubG Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile is a hilarious game that you can spend up to hours a day on. However, knowing what speed is required to play PUBG Mobile is paramount when it comes to a smooth experience. In this mini guide we are going to talk about the minimum connection speed that the game requires. How are you going to know? PUBG Mobile it is an online game. This means that your actions are not executed locally on your phone, but are processed by a server so that all others can see them. In this sense and as in any live experience, you need quality Internet. 

And not just any internet is enough. You need one that, apart from downloading fast data, has the capacity for immediacy in receiving information. In case you did not know, something that you must estimate apart from the speed, is the ping.

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What Internet Speed 鈥嬧婦o I Need to Play PubG Mobile?

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The ping is a factor that is measured in network administration to know the time it takes for a server to perceive the information sent by another person. For this reason, it is useless to have a great connection, if the ping is a bit high. The precise connection speed to play PUBG Mobile is at least five megabytes. This kind of internet will not ensure a smooth connection, and in general you will not be able to have a low enough ping to be able to properly enjoy the game. 

So raising the speed a bit to one megabyte can work. This will allow you to enjoy the game as it should be, without any interruptions due to connection failures. If your goal is to be a more competitive player than a casual player, you should focus on continuing to increase this value until you get a speed that works for you.

With compared to ping, it depends on the quality of the service you contract. If you use a quality internet dealer, and not a minimally bad one, your ping is going to be potentially lower, leaving you with an almost live game immediacy. 

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