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PUBG Mobile is identified as a quite attractive Battle Royale in which the emotion is not lacking. If you want to develop your game and are looking for inspiration, or if you were just curious, in this engine guide we will show you which graphic engine it uses PUBG Mobile. A graphics engine is, in short, a program that runs in the background on the PC or mobile to produce pixels that draw what we see on the screen. It depends on the power of the graphics engine how good or bad the game looks. 

When you say the word engine, the first thing that comes to mind is a component that is used to make something go. And it is that this is the graphics engine, a programming genre from which games for video consoles are developed, and which are executed under their programs and algorithms.

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What Graphics Engine Uses PubG Mobile

What is the graphics engine of PubG Mobile

In this case, the graphics engine under which PUBG Mobile is developed and runs is Unreal Engine XNUMX. This was created by Epic Games for the purpose of developing powerful first person games, and is primarily used to create shooters. 

What stands out is that a game with the scope of PUBG Mobile and with the programming behind it, uses free software to be created, such as Unreal Engine 3. Although its use does not depend entirely on the cost of the tool, nor on the lack of a programming team capable of developing a better graphics engine, but rather on the fact that Unreal Engine XNUMX has been shown to be one of the best engines when it comes to to create games with XNUMXd rendering. 

And in itself, it has it all. Good texture rendering that lets you simulate beautiful graphics on solid devices, high usability that lets you create games for all kinds of systems, and above all, ease of use when it comes to programming. 

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