What Game Genre is Apex Legends

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Many people daily wonder what genre of game is Apex Legends, and in this article we will clarify this doubt. Here we will answer the question, also telling you everything you can do in what is perhaps the best game of its kind.  Apex Legends it's a shooter. This means that it is a game for video consoles in which weapons are predominant. This is a shooting game where you choose precisely what to do, where to look, and what things to shoot at it. 

Also, it's first person, which means you see the game from the character's perspective. You literally see what the character sees. This allows you to aim and see precisely what the sights of the weapons look like, as well as giving you a more realistic gaming experience, from your computer. 

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What Game Genre is Apex Legends

What Game Genre is Apex Legends

Also, it is a Battle Royale. The Battle Royale style of play has become quite well known since XNUMX, and we have been able to see that games that led the genre, such as COD, release their Battle Royale, as it is what rules today. The premise is very simple, and it is about throwing a hundred people in a desolate area, full of ammunition and weapons, so that each one of them kills each other. Here, resource management and tactical intelligence come first.

In addition, it is a strategy game, since you must direct your character's abilities and try to use them at the right moment. All this, to avoid being eliminated by the rest of the players. Summarizing, Apex Legends is a Battle Royale type Shooter in the first person, in which there is also a strategy that lets you guide your actions towards victory. 

All this makes the game more entertaining, and nowadays the mobile version is being developed, which promises to allow this type of user to enjoy in the same way, perhaps the best shooter in the gaming industry. 

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