What does log Bait mean?

What does log Bait mean?

Surely today everywhere you heard the word log bait next to the decks, but you have not the slightest idea what this means, since don't worry! For the fact that you'll already know what does log bait mean en Clash Royale.

Keep in mind that this is a kind of deck whose specific purpose is to make the opponent spend the card from the start The log, so that later you have to employ other troops where you can't have exactly the same efficiency. If you want to know more, keep reading!

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What does log bait mean in Clash Royale

What does log bait mean in Clash Royale?

"Log" in English is "Tronco". "Bait" literally means "bait", but in Clash Royale I think a more appropriate word would be "decoy" or something like that. That is the purpose of the deck, to make the opponent spend the Log (or it can be arrows, fireball, etc.) on any of your cards so that they do not have it in cycle (Captain Obvius).

That's why each and every Log Bait has a Princess and a Goblin Barrel, you put the princess on the bridge and it must spend a Trunk So that you don't throw the tower at him, once the log is spent, he launches the goblin barrel, but imagining that he has another card that hits the area, the Log Bait continues to have things that die for Log, such as the Goblin Gang, the Dart throwers, among many others.

What kind of units should a logbait deck have?

If you want to make your opponent use his trunk what you should do is use cards like the goblin barrel, which will form the main source of damage in your deck. In order to apply the strategy and for your opponent to spend his log, it is essential that you release your troop of goblins right where the risk is taking place.

After this it is necessary that Find an unlikely place to launch your goblins, being able to be in the middle, on the walls, wherever you want, but it is not easy.

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