What does Bromance mean in PubG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile has a set of titles that each friend can have in a buddy relationship in the game. Although all these terms may sound strange to you, we are going to explain to you now what bromance means in PUBG Mobile. Synergy in PUBG is a system from which friendship between people can be limited. This lets you know how well you are doing with a partner you play with on a recurring basis. 

This means that the more you have synergy with a friend, the greater the friendship and bond between you. To the point where, after four hundred synergy points, you can request the use of a title from a selection of four.

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What does Bromance mean in PubG Mobile

What is bromance in PubG Mobile

These are bromance, lovers, best friends, and partners. The companions are two inseparable people who fight shoulder to shoulder, overcoming the setbacks of the game and supporting each other until they win. 

Best friends are more than companions. It is about two people who would travel half the map to revive each other, with the purpose of continuing to have fun together. Then there are the lovers, which whatever the word means, can be whatever you want it to mean. In the end, these titles do not have an influence on any game mode. 

A bromance is a word that comes from the union of bro, which means brother in English, and romance. So, a Bromance, according to the authors of PUBG Mobile, is a friendly relationship between brothers from different mothers. It can be equated with being women and going to the bathroom together. 

Lastly, think carefully who you give the title of bromance to PUBG Mobile. Remember that although it does not have a strong influence on the game, it is something that can matter to certain people. Be careful who you give the title to. 

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