What Clash Royale Card You Are

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It is very possible that as many users you want to know what clash royale card are you. This is one of the most usual questions in the renowned title. For this reason, many pages have taken on the task of carrying out specific surveys to discover which card you are.

But, in this entry we want to use the zodiacal signs so that you know what letter from Clash Royale you are. You will only have to search this short list for a sign, so that you discover which card you are. You are ready? Since Let's start from now!

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What Clash Royale Card You Are

What Clash Royale Card You Are

  1. Capricorn - Icy Wizard: You are cold, ambitious, you leave nothing to chance, you like to be the center of attraction but you hide it really well, you love cold weather, heat is your opponent.
  2. Aquarius - The Fisherman: Although it could be contradictory, you feel like a fish in water, it's not hard for you to make friends, and your mood is always very peaceful, but better not make you angry!
  3. Pisces - Skeletons: You are always ready to make an attack, you live in defensive mode, but you have too much energy to waste it, so you are more restless and effective in your work.
  4. Aries - Hog Rider: You have a lot of energy, and you focus on one thing at a time, although your friends laugh at it, it is what makes you effective, you are a winner.
  5. Taurus – Elite Wild: You have a bad character, you live in a bad mood, you need to relax a bit, but when it comes to fighting, and beating your opponents, it is you who they seek.
  6. Gemini - Mirror: You have more than one face, and you're going to adapt to the people you hang out with, maybe that's why many don't manage to trust what you want to teach them.
  7. Cancer - Archer Queen: You have a character that one could fear, you are inexorably more sensitive.
  8. Leo - King You are the king of the jungle, and of the battles, that is why absolutely no one wants to compete against you, there is no one who can compare, because they would be ashamed.
  9. Virgo - Knight: You are funny and nice, everyone wants to be with you, you are the soul of the celebration, in addition to this you are handsome, and you have a good future.
  10. Libra – Princess: Presumed, brave and powerful, there is no one who can resist your charm, you smile and life smiles back at you.
  11. Scorpio – Mortar: You are a desired company until the moment you are truly known, absolutely nobody wants the mortar, nor the scorpios.
  12. Sagittarius – Noble Giant: You are protective and sweet, but you hide all that under your skin, only the most affectionate people will be able to take off your layers.
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