What are the Sculptures for in Clash of Clans?

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Surely in one of your attacks you will have seen villages with quite attractive sculptures that make opponents look considerably more excellent than the rest, right? since these sculptures have an objective that very few have been able to take advantage of by not asking well what the Sculptures are worth. Clash of Clans.

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What are the Sculptures for in Clash of Clans?

What are sculptures in Clash of Clans?

They are simply ornamental elements to give your villages your style. You can acquire them and you will not have to wait an estimated time until they are finished being built, due to the fact that they appear immediately where you want to put them and you also don't need a free constructor to put them.

What sculptures can you locate?

Depending on the village you are in, you can see and have these statues:

  • In your main village: you have the old skull, the PE.KKA sculpture, the power sculpture and the hero power sculpture.
  • At the base of the constructor: there is the sculpture of the Archer Queen and the Sculpture of the Old Savage.
  • In the clan wars league: They are exclusive sculptures such as the sculpture of warriors, combatants, opponents, teachers and the best of each and every one, the sculpture of winners.

What are the Sculptures for in Clash of Clans?

Among the player community there have always been speculations about the advantages that each type of sculpture has, such as allowing them to have resources sooner than expected, assisting their troops or increasing the success rate of their attacks. 

The rumor started to gain popularity when they discovered that the Old Wild Sculpture caused Tupida Grass to grow in nearby free tiles a few hours after it was placed in the village, so they thought that more sculptures had multiple hidden functions.

The truth is that the answer of the developers themselves is that the statues they do not fulfill any function. Nothing that gives you an advantage over your opponents, nothing that helps you attack them or gain more resources than the rest.

But, if at any moment you are in trouble, the only thing that sculptures can really serve you for is to sell them, well so you will receive one percent of the cost at which you bought them and some are usually quite expensive, so you will receive a good reward.

When you put the sculptures in your village, you may also discover a way that you can use them as a part of your strategy, even if it's just to further annoy your opponents.

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