What Are the Most Difficult Cards in Coin Master

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In Coin Master you will find different cards, when you find the first cards, you will be moved to complete each compilation. This leads you to earn different rewards, amazing prizes and benefits. However, the process of achieving the cards is not as easy as it seems. Since there are many cards that you find, and on this website we want to show you which are the most difficult cards to Coin Master.

Some players have figured out which are the strangest cards in Coin Master, since by identifying them, they will be able to know the process they must follow to achieve them.

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What Are the Most Difficult Cards in Coin Master

What Are the Most Difficult Cards in Coin Master

Below, you will find a list with one of the most difficult cards to achieve in Coin Master, so if you find them, you are lucky:

  • Martian lettuce
  • The beast
  • Bullfighter
  • Armstrong
  • Top Knut
  • Jolly jasper
  • Barrel Tank
  • Cosmic carl
  • Blizzard
  • Farmer Feng / Fermier Feng

It should be noted that each and every one of the strange or quite difficult cards in Coin Master, are not necessarily gold or have five stars. These rare cards can be found more frequently in magic chests or golden chests. There are those who prefer to exchange them with their friends, but because of their value, not everyone is ready to deliver them.

An essential fact, the most difficult cards to achieve in Coin Master, are considered strange cards, and these depend on the explorations you do in the village.

How to achieve the most difficult cards of Coin Master

Do you want to achieve the most difficult Coin Master cards? If you are looking to have these fantastic cards, you should follow these easy recommendations:

  • Find each and every card per village, don't move on until you've found or bought each and every chest you can. Remember that as you advance in level, it becomes considerably more difficult to find these fantastic cards. When filling the compilations by village, the strange cards will start to come out.
  • You buy the magical and golden chests, these are the most expensive chests and in them you will find cards of four and five stars. For this, you can use your coins or your own money, however there are times when you can use your repeated cards.
  • Participate in unique events, for this you have to be aware of Coin Master's social networks, where they are announced. In these events you can receive better rewards than in another, so do not miss them.  
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