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If you have seen that little green, yellow or red number in one of the corners of your screen with an ms next to it and you have felt confused, this guide is for you. Stay and read this short article in which we are going to talk about what ms are in PUBG Mobile, such as how the multiplayer system works. We tend to think that since our Internet has a fairly high number in its download speed, enough is enough. However, when you measure the speed of your connection, each and every one of the platforms in which you do it also measure your ping. Now we explain what it consists of. 

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What are MS in PubG Mobile

What are MS in PubG Mobile

The difference between the two factors is somewhat large. The speed of your connection measures precisely the amount of data you can download in a given time. However, the ping measures something else that strictly depends on the quality of the service that is provided to you. And it is that when you download an application from the Internet, it does not arrive immediately to your device, but rather has to be sent through a network so that your computer receives it. The time this operation lasts is the ping. 

This means that, at the level of online games, such as PUBG Mobile, for example, the ping represents the delay with which you watch the game. It's like when you see a player teleport, or when you don't know where you got shot from. Having a low ping does not let you live the game in real time. And it is that in most cases we focus on having a high connection speed, but we do not look at the ping, which must always have a fairly low value.

It is recommended to play at 10ms. In truth, it is the ideal and practically no connection can go down from here. Unless you play on LAN, where connections are immediate. If you have a ping between one and sixty ms you will still be able to enjoy the game, but if it gets closer to 100, keep in mind that you will have a limited gaming experience.

It is that a hundred ms is a tenth of a second, and many people have already lost a game because the ping is delayed for this fraction of time. 

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