What are Goblins for in Clash of Clans

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Many do not use goblins as part of their strategy, but it is due to the fact that they probably do not know what the goblins are worth in Clash of Clans. These little characters can become a real headache for your opponents if you learn to take advantage of what they offer you.

The goblins have the usual appearance that you would imagine of them, they are green, small, fast and annoying. In the game, they have only one goal: take the loot and steal as many resources as possible from the villages to carry in his canvas bag.

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What are Goblins for in Clash of Clans

How to get goblins in Clash of Clans

First you need to have a municipality level three, so you will not have to wait long to acquire them. In addition to this, they have little cost and are trained in just seven seconds.

At their first levels, they can cause up to one percent of damage per second, more pIt can evolve to deal sixty-two percent damage at level eight.

What are Goblins for in Clash of Clans

how do you defenda

Something you have to know is that goblins are so fast that they can be used to do more damage than other characters and even have more life to "withstand" more attacks than an archer, for example.

They can serve as a tank to support other troops like a Hero Hunter.

as attack

  • Since their main function is to steal resources, you can use them to take advantage of their high speed when going to the opponents' guards, just make sure to clear the path for them with the help of other heroes so that they only focus on their main objective.
  • You could also use them as a distraction or as a support to activate the opponents' traps, since they are so fast that they can activate the bombs or spring traps and get out safely before they detonate.
  • If you have the possibility of having many goblins, use them in large groups to attack many buildings in a short time, once they finish with the resource buildings they will start attacking any other that is in their way.
  • With the arrival of the roaming goblin in XNUMX, you can use it to be invisible in front of the opponent's village defenses for a few seconds to sneak past the bases and truly surprise them. In addition to this, it has triple the life, so it will become a nightmare for those who encounter it.
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