What age is Apex Legends for?

Apex Legends It is a Shooter-type game in which, although it is convenient for more people to play and for there to be more players inside, it has fairly clear age limits. IF you wonder what exactly age it is for Apex Legends, then we are going to show you in the article everything you need to know.

First of all, none of the game's animations contain any blood, other than a red flash on your screen that signals when you're hurt. Here we can already know that it has a lot of things that cannot be shown to children under one and even eight years old. The truth is that the developers have reduced the violence in their games as much as they can, to the point of removing bleeding characters. They have even removed the word “kill” and on their site they write “eliminate”.

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What age is Apex Legends for?

What age is Apex Legends for?

This, in favor of opening the range of ages that it admits. However, the reality is evident. A gun game in which we suppress each other cannot be for each and every one of the ages, no matter how many things you cover. Likewise, some kind of singular movements are seen on the part of the characters who intend to make the eliminations violent. Not only because they are quite old-fashioned annihilations, but rather because in addition to this they are carried out on defenseless characters who cannot react. 

Apex Legends It also has integrated purchases in which a lottery model is applied. This quite discredits the image regarding the little ones. Naturally, we can't forget about online game experiences, in which you never know what kind of person you're going to meet. In short, the USA states that it must be free for people over one year of age. However, in Europe it is something with an age limitation of +16. We prefer to stay with one, especially for the online interactions. 

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