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If you are wondering what happens to the servers of Apex Legends, you are probably having exactly the same problems as the millions of people who access the game daily. In new form, we are going to explain the inconvenience to you, step by step. On a daily basis, people complain that despite having the best internet service they have achieved, the game simply does not work. It is that when your connection is of low latency and of enormous quality, it is impossible for any game to go over a hundred fps, or for there to be lags. 

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What About Apex Legends Servers

What About Apex Legends Servers

So, we can conclude that the problem is not with the equipment that we use, or the computers that we have, but that it is some kind of situation with the company's equipment. Millions of users have manifested exactly the same situation, and this has been the conclusion. Fortunately, EA is somewhat responsible in this regard and always and in all circumstances takes care that each and every one of the people can enjoy the game, despite the situations. 

For this reason, its engineers have issued a statement, explaining the situation briefly, so that anyone can understand it. The purpose of it, apart from informing, is to help us stay calm and not abandon the game. What's happening, they say, is that some network equipment in their data center was manifesting failure. This had a domino effect and caused the servers to slow down a bit. 

In the end, the inconvenience was not from the servers of Apex Legends, but rather of the connections that transmitted all the information between them. This caused a loss of vital information to continue with the games. Currently, everyone has been working on fixing the problem, and we can trust that it will never happen again, so you can relax, wait a while and continue playing Respawn Battle Royale.

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