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PUBG Mobile is a shooter that can be played in groups, in duo or squad modes, so it is necessary that each and every one of the players in the group can communicate when they are on the battlefield to be able to propose the strategies they will use to survive in the Battle Royale game mode. Communication between teams is essential to lead you to the path of victory, in addition to this, this kind of game requires that we have good audio to perceive even the smallest sounds (footsteps, when they open a door, among many others) and be able to Take them as an advantage.

Many players in the community in recent months have filed protests regarding the audio and sound of the game, apart from the problem of not being able to activate voice chat to communicate with their teammates, in this article, we are going to explain why all this happens and how can you solve it. 

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Why Isn't Listening PubG Mobile

Why Isn't Listening PubG Mobile

In most cases, the users of the community present errors in which the game stops playing and the voice chat does not work, this is a very cumbersome inconvenience for any user who plays together, because he loses total communication with their teammates and, therefore, the coordination between them as a battle group.

Many times this happens due to the fact that we do not enable the respective permissions so that PubG Mobile can work optimally. In such a case, you must take into account that you must enable the permission to access the microphone and multimedia, since with them you will be able to activate each and every one of the audio and sound options in the game. If you have not done so, a message will appear presenting the error saying that "wait a moment", so you restart the game thinking that it is an inconvenience that it has and it is not the case. 

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