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The game may sometimes have certain bugs that cause a lot of inconvenience to the gaming community of the game. PubG Mobile. In each and every one of the games, sometimes things happen that we don't want and with which we lose patience, but the best thing is to stay calm and read each and every one of the recommendations that we are going to give you when the PUBG Mobile does not match 

The matches in PubG Mobile are a bit longer than in other games, since it requires at least eighty guerrillas to start a game due to the fact that its maps are very extensive. However, the game has millions of downloads worldwide that allow you to create this kind of great matchups without any problem and in any free zone of the game. 

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Why Doesn't Match PubG Mobile

It takes time to match PubG Mobile game

PubG Mobile will always find a way to keep people united in matchmaking, in addition to this, the independent company Tencent Games is always aware of matchmaking issues in order to optimize them, so that you must have a little patience, since soon we will have good news to progress the game in this waiting facet. 

It may be an inconvenience of your internet, given that the pairings go according to the speed of your network, we invite you to carry out a speed test on your internet before starting to play so that you know where in the queue you are In addition to this, your device may be glitchy and not react to matchmaking, remember that PubG Mobile is a partially heavy game and requires mid/high end mobile devices. 

Any problems you have with the matchmaking, or that it simply takes a long time to locate a game, you can report it from the service's customer service, which appears at the top of our screen after we have logged into our preferred account. 

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