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PubG Mobile is one of the most essential shooting games for mobile devices today, it has been an effective way to adapt the Battle Royale mode to a touch screen, apart from the enormous graphic quality and realistic actions that this game has. magnificent shooter. This incredible game has millions of downloads worldwide, so many video game lovers want to live the experience of having played PubG Mobile. However, recently the game has had some errors when opening your account, in this article, we are going to explain why you cannot log in to PUBG Mobile

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Why can't I log in to PubG Mobile?

Why I Can't Login in PubG Mobile: SOLUTION

Many users of the community have denounced that the game today has presented many problems at the time of starting and starting the session, so it has become an impossible mission to enter the game and enjoy it. This happens more than anything on devices with an IOS system, so when you experience this problem, go to the App Store and update everything that your operating system requires to be able to run the game properly. 

Also, remember that, at the time of registering your account, it is always better to link it to one of the platforms that PubG Mobile allows. Your account can be linked to a social network such as Facebook and Twitter by filling in the respective data to log in from the game, connecting your Play Store email, or through an email from any site. Unlinked accounts always and in all circumstances present problems at the time of logging in, it is better that in some way or another you link your account and avoid this kind of inconvenience. 

PubG Mobile is an incredible game, don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy it, choose the best option to link your account according to your preferences. 

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