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If at any moment you have multiple inconveniences to be able to download the PubG Mobile, possibly multiple failures are happening on your mobile device. In this article we are going to explain to you why you cannot download this magnificent game. 

Many players in the community who love PubG Mobile have had exactly the same problem due to a bug that is ancient and has been affecting multiple users of the platform for a long time. You must comply with a procedure to be able to solve this problem, regardless of the mobile device where you are playing. In most cases, the obb data that is very old and the problem with the cache are the main reasons that affect the gamers of PUBG Mobile. The complete obb file is extremely precise to run this game without problems, so you must always keep it updated. 

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Why can't I download PubG Mobile?

Why can't I download PubG Mobile?

In the event that you continue to have exactly the same problem in which your mobile device warns you that "the download failed", you should continue with the following steps that we will recommend:

First, you must go to the main configuration of your mobile device, you must make sure to clear the cache memory and delete each and every one of the junk files that the application has PubG Mobile, with this you will be able to return to run the download without inconvenience. 

In most cases, clearing up the cache solves all this kind of download problems, if it doesn't work for you, you should completely uninstall the game and see if it's already a problem that your mobile device lacks storage to be able to fill the download, so you must review each and every one of the peculiarities of your phone or Tablet, since in order to have PubG Mobile, medium / high-end devices are required. 

With these different procedures you can fix the PubG Mobile download issue, any other issues you can report to Tencent Games "customer service". 

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