Warzone Pacific servers down? How to check server status

With the update to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and the integration of Vanguard, a brand new map, Caldera, over 40 new weapons, Gulag changes and even crazy fighter jet skirmishes, there is no no doubt this is one of, if not the biggest update to Warzone. already.

Verdansk is no more thanks to an explosive finish, and with all the new content in Warzone Pacific Season 1, a boatload of players is rolling in. Due to the monumental nature of the update, there are bound to be server startup issues.

If you want to know if Warzone Pacific's servers are down, we've got you covered, detailing the expected downtime and how you can check the game's server status.

Are the Warzone Pacific servers down?

Will the Warzone Pacific servers take off without a hitch? (Photo: Activision)

If you are reading this article between December 7, 19:00 PM PT (December 8, 05:00 BST) and December 8, 09:00 AM PT (17:00 PM BST), please be aware that this is a scheduled downtime to usher in the Warzone Pacific update.

The servers might also be a little wonky in December 2021 due to the gigantic Warzone update. Please be aware that game updates, whether for a new season or any kind of content drop/event, will also cause the Warzone Pacific servers to go down.

How to Check Warzone Pacific Server Status

It is always worth checking if your internet connection via network cable or Wi-Fi is strong and working properly.

You can update the Warzone server status on the official Online Services page. (Photo: Activision)

If your internet connection is working fine and you want to check the status of the Warzone Pacific server, it's quite simple.

Just head to Activision's Online Services page and select Warzone, like we did in the screenshot above.

On the Online Services page, players can also find options to check the status of platform networks, such as PSN, Xbox Live, Battle.net and more.

If all else fails, go bother Activision Support! (Photo: Activision)

If connection issues persist, we advise players to contact Activision Support through Online Services and test their internet connection in another title to ensure it is not a software error. the user.

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Before fully using IT Crowd on your gaming gear and router, remember to check first if Warzone Pacific's servers are down due to a planned or unplanned outage.

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Image courtesy of Activision/KC Green.

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