Warzone Hacker Banned From Twitch Rivals Tournament

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Obviously hackers will always find a way to ruin things for everyone. After a massive backlash from streamers, the .000 Twitch Rivals Europe Warzone Showdown tournament had to be reset after a player allegedly cheated.

The decision to do a full reset came after popular Twitch streamer Fifakill showed how a player was using aimbots in the tournament. The accused player was a Czech Twitch partner, called "DavskaR", who had more than 8000 subscribers on Twitch.

Twitch Rivals streamer banned for cheating

Initially, Twitch staff dismissed Fifakill's claims and allowed DavskaR to continue playing. This is despite several clips posted on social media platforms showing the obvious use of aimbot hacks.

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Fifakill quickly took to Twitter to express his frustration, tweeting, “I died from a cheater in Twitch Rivals, who broadcasts cheating and [he] is a Twitch partner. The admin said "no reset" and he's laughed at continuing to play! »

Fifakill @Fifakill_ I died because of a cheater at twitch rivals who broadcasts cheating and is a twitch partner. THE ADMIN SAID NO RESET AND HE IS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE PLAYING! 17:12 Jul 20, 2021



The apprehension of Twitch administrators not to disqualify the cheater has drawn huge backlash after their decision jeopardized the competitive integrity of the event. “This guy is shameless. He is 100% cheating,” replied Warzone pro player Newbz.

Newbz pro Warzone player (Image: setup.gg)

CloudFuel, which is the community manager for Twitch Rivals, later confirmed that DavskaR had been "removed from the event" and that "an investigation has been launched" regarding the incident.

CloudFuel @CloudFuel @charlieINTEL An investigation has been opened and the player in question has been removed from the event. 18:41 Jul 20, 2021



As of this writing, DavskaR's Twitch channel has also been banned because cheating violates Twitch's Terms of Service. We believe that Raven Software will also be banned from playing Warzone.

Tricheur de Warzone Twitch Rivals, DavskaR (Photo: Twitch / DavskaR)

Indeed, this incident represents a much larger problem plaguing Warzone, which is the problem of cheating. Despite a massive ban wave announced by Raven Software last week, it doesn't appear to have had a major effect.

According to an analysis by Inven Global, roughly half of Warzone Subreddit posts this week were about cheating. Many of these posts were about the latest version of the "God Mode" cheat spotted in Season 4 Reloaded.

Call of Duty Warzone (Image: Activision)

It's clear that cheating is a major issue, and competitive tournaments like Twitch Rivals are by no means exempt. We certainly hope that tournament organizers and game publishers do more to prevent cheaters from trying their luck in competitive events in the future.

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