Warzone Caldera Secret Bunker: location, how to get in, loot, more

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It's been a while but Call of Duty: Warzone, now called Warzone Pacific, has a new map.

Caldera is a sprawling island in the Pacific, bigger than the iconic Verdansk, with plenty of new POIs to explore and a host of new weapons to use and even planes to fly, Warzone Pacific looks a lot like Warzone 2.

And while change is in the air, some things always stay the same, and if you're a Warzone veteran you'll know that one of the game's main tenants is hitting the ground running fast and equipping themselves with the best weapons possible. .

In Verdansk, that often meant landing in one of the map's secret bunkers, filled with the game's best weapons and plenty of gear.

But Verdansk is gone, and Caldera is there, but does he have any secret bunkers? The answer is no, he only has one secret bunker鈥or now.

If you're curious about its location and how to get to it, help is at hand as this guide will show you how to enter the secret Caldera bunker.

Where is Caldera's secret bunker?

Caldera encompasses an entire Pacific island and has many major POIs filled with loot. But named POIs, in particular, can be hot places to drop and loot them, if you survive the initial onslaught it can take a while and that's why getting into Warzone's secret bunkers is so rewarding. .

In Caldera, the secret bunker is on the west side of the peak. The large mountain that dominates the Caldera skyline.

Its location is indicated by the orange marker on the map below.

(Photo : Activision Blizzard)

Once you land, you'll see those familiar bunker doors.

Let me enter! (Photo: Activision Blizzard)

How to enter the secret Caldera bunker?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to enter Caldera's secret bunker. Some players even tried to make their way in, which was possible when the secret bunkers were added to Verdansk, but couldn't get in.

There are also a number of wells located 473ur the island, some of which are accessible, and it looks like future updates and events will allow players to access these areas which may contain a lot of loot.

Wells with red painted bases can be found throughout the island. (Photo: Activision Blizzard)

Until then they're just decoration, but take note of where the secret bunker is, as you soon know it's going to be one of the hottest drop zones in the game.

Want to learn more about the secrets of Caldera? Check out our dedicated Warzone Pacific hub for all the latest news and guides.

Image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.

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