Warzone AR Tier List - Every Assault Rifle Ranked Best To Worst For Season 4

A new season in Call of Duty: Warzone means a lot of things; new weapons, new POIs, a new battle pass to discover, new game modes to explore and master, and new events to manage.

It also marks a time when the developers are looking at the various weapons and attachments in the game and changing their attributes and Season 4 is no different with sweeping changes being made to many of the most used weapons and attachments in the game. will cause chaos.

These changes mean that your previously trusted gear is probably no longer working at its best and with this being a new season, the best thing to do at the start is to learn which weapons are the most powerful in their class.

To help you out, we've broken down each weapon into its weapon class and categorized each one into a tier list. This is the Assault Rifle tier list, which is very interesting this season as it includes one of the newest weapons in the game – the C58.

Let's get in there.

Warzone Season 4 Assault Rifle Tier List

Assault Rifles are all-purpose weapons and the most widely used class in the game, and depending on the attachments and load used, they can be designed for a multitude of uses.

Description of bearings

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  • S-level: The best of the best. Even with mediocre attachments, this gun is better than half the others in its class.
  • Level A: Solid choices that can get you good results with the right attachments.
  • Level B: Middle of the pack. Solid choices for some situations, but can't directly compete with a top tier weapon.
  • C-level: Very specific uses, mainly to complete a loadout. This shouldn't be your primary weapon, but can save you from sticky situations
  • Level D: Trash, possibly competing for the worst weapons in the game. Avoid at all costs.

List of AR Tiers

There are 21 assault rifles in Warzone Season 4, here they are ranked from best to worst.

Level S

The CR-56 AMAX is Verdansk's most popular assault rifle. (Photo: Activision Blizzard)

  • CR-56 AMAX
  • 141 weight
  • RAM 7
  • XM4

The CR-56 AMAX was the undisputed king of Verdansk but that is about to change and we now consider the XM4 as the most powerful pistol in all of Verdansk, the latter of which received a buff to his Neck Damage multiplayer.

We can't quite bring ourselves to take the CR-56 AMAX out of the S-Tier, though more changes are expected in a "Massive Balance Overhaul" which is expected to take place mid-season. Watch this place.

Level A

The Krig 6 established itself as a high quality assault rifle. (Photo: Activision Blizzard)

  • 5,56
  • War 6
  • M4A1
  • FARA 83
  • C58

The most drastic changes from Season 3 Reloaded to Season 4 are Tier A and Tier B rifles with numbers going up and out.

The guns listed above are all capable of dominating the lobby, especially with the right loadout, with the 5,56 et War 6 the most powerful of the lot

Level B

Get the right accessories for the M13 and you can still come out on top. (Photo: Activision Blizzard)

  • FAL
  • FACT 1
  • M13
  • YES 47
  • Cart

B-Tier assault rifles, new entries include the Cart which is the most heavily buffed weapon and is now one of the most destructive Assault Rifles that excels at close to medium range.

Level C

The AN-94 is not the most reliable primary weapon. (Photo: Activision Blizzard)

  • AN-94
  • FN-Scar 17
  • AS VAL

A new entry in the C-Tier is the FN-Scar 17 aka Assault Rifle Golf, the subject of two buffs with increased neck and upper torso damage modifiers, making it a much deadlier offering.

Level D

The Oden lacks firepower, has low recoil and is bulky – avoid. (Photo: Activision Blizzard)

  • FR 5.56
  • QBZ-83
  • Oden

Truly the worst of the worst. We couldn't be clearer, don't try to play your typical assault rifle playstyle if you only end up with these guns. Go for an SMG, Sniper Rifle, or LMG and try to tackle Versdansk differently if needed.

The only redeemable weapon here is the Oden and that is saying something.

Don't agree with our list? We don't care. Why not check out our SMG as well as our sniper rifle tier list to be more disappointed.

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