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According to the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid, they recommend the good use and balance of video games to use them in a regulated and controlled way to avoid vision and mental health problems.

One of the biggest problems today is based on spending many hours in front of the screens, so there are more chances of suffering from vision problems, as it can alter the sensitivity of sight or can be altered, for that reason, we recommend visiting your doctor in case of feeling problems related to the view. On the other hand, it is easier to suffer from one of these problems if someone in your family has gone through these problems.

Here are the most common symptoms, so if you feel one of these, it is advisable to stop playing or being in front of screens:

-Fatigued vision

-Feeling of disorientation


-Dry eyes



According to doctors, these are the steps to follow for a good maintenance when spending a long time in front of screens:

-Recommended distance between the eyes and the screen.

-Preferably have small screens

-Keep your back straight without bending it excessively.

-For every 60 minutes of work, rest for 20 minutes.